Michael (Mikey) Levine

Seattle - email - http://hazzens.com
Former Senior Software Engineer at Google, returned to Seattle from 10 months in Berlin, travelling, making things, and freelancing. Versed in all manner of frontend and backend technology. Interests in data visualization, user interaction, video games, design.

Professional Experience

10.2013 - 07.2014
Freelance work mixed in with travel and living abroad. Wrote embeddable HTML/JS video ad unit for multiple players and partners. From-scratch, supporting IE7+, Webkit, and Firefox. Prototyped data visualization for consumer-facing website in D3 and WebGL. Pinch-hit for pre-launch startup as only developer for two months, taking a mostly-done Rails/Backbone app to MVP; did not know Rails going in. Documented, massively improved test coverage, bug-fixed, and added features. Made several game prototypes and participated in jams. Learned some German.
JavaScript - d3 - WebGL - Python - Rails - Backbone
08.2011 - 09.2013
Google Consumer Surveys - Senior Software Engineer
Frontend techlead. Designed and wrote survey reporting UI. Designed and wrote backend storage for fast filtering of results. Ramped-up 5 engineers onto project. Rewrote static image charts into interactive d3-based visualizations. Expanded backend summarization to support many-question surveys. Major input in design of question serving system. Valued code reviewer and stalwart defender of code quality.
JavaScript - Google Closure Tools - d3 - Python - AppEngine
10.2010 - 08.2011
Unannounced, Cancelled Google Project - Software Engineer
Very large scale stream processing. Social graph analysis and social signal processing.
C++ - Google Closure Tools - Java
04.2008 - 12.2011
Google News - Software Engineer
Designed a less fragile, easier to tweak system for generating a local news section. Led to significant increase in recall/precision and ease of expanding into more foreign languages. Experimented with social signal and history-based personalization for story ranking. Launched real-time history-based story boosting to highlight updates in stories read on previous days.
C++ - Java
06.2007 - 08.2007
Google Maps Data Processing - Software Engineering Intern
Investigated programmatic generation of zipcode geometry based on streets. Wrote and launched a simple convex hull system. Wrote a Voronoi diagram-based system to generate very accurate geometry from upwards of a million points. Investigated and wrote a demo for contour lines on maps.
06.2006 - 08.2006
Microsoft Excel - Software Engineering Intern
Updated and re-wrote portions of public APIs to handle conversion from C to C++/.NET-based APIs.
C, C++, C#


Skilled in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and C++. Passable in Java, OCaml, Ruby.
Skilled in AppEngine (Python), Google Closure Tools, and d3. Working experience of distributed systems, data processing, search and ranking. Moderate WebGL; passing knowledge in Rails and Backbone.


09.2004 - 04.2008
University of Washington - Computer Science
Games capstone, investigating multi-threading in Ogre (game engine). Research assistant working on C-variant for FPGAs, implemented hoisting of inline lambdas. TA for three years in CSE142/143 (intro to Computer Science) and CSE 341 (programming languages).